UNCHAINED Update – August 1

1,535 words added today to UNCHAINED, after 6+ hours spent yesterday recovering my focus by skim-reading this book from page one, reviewing all my messy notes, and digging through my brain.

Write every day. There is so much truth to that.

Progress of UNCHAINED
First draft: In progress (50,546 words, about 51% complete)
My revisions: Not started
Editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started

UNCHAINED Update – May 18

Over 10,000 words added to UNCHAINED in the last month, which is pretty good progress considering my level of distraction right now.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of what needs to happen. And it’s kind of making me nervous.

Progress of UNCHAINED
First draft: In progress (36,937 words, about 37% complete)
My revisions: Not started
Editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started


I have never identified so much with a character. Her thoughts were my own, long before I picked up this book. Writing it must have been an act of catharsis for the author, because that’s what it was for me as I read it. Some might call the ideas in these pages thought-provoking, esoteric, unconventional, maybe even antisocial. But to me, it’s validation of an obvious truth that so many cannot see.

by Olga Tokarczuk

Amazon | Goodreads | Olga Tokarczuk’s website

UNCHAINED Update – April 1

I’m writing slowly but diligently. Also slowly. ;)

That’s my only news. Here’s a picture of my pretty new pot with some spring flowers. It’s mostly about the pot, though, ’cause … oh, that color!



Progress of UNCHAINED
First draft: In progress (26,917 words, about 27% complete)
My revisions: Not started
Editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started


I’m struggling to find my momentum with this last Unquiet book. I wrote over 1,000 words last night, but most of those were put down past midnight. Lazy days this week allow me to do that. When my normal schedule returns after the new year I won’t have that Easy Writing Window of Time, which seems to be 11 p.m. onward. Late night writing is how I wrote the entire Alignment series. It’s a schedule I’m no longer physically able to do.

Doesn’t really matter, though, does it? Books must be written, so the time will be found… somewhere…

Cutting back on reading time might be necessary, but not that easy right now because I’m 50% into THE KING’S MAN by Elizabeth Kingston and enjoying the heck out of it. It’s a bit of an enemies-to-lovers story set in medieval Wales. Broody hero with a violent past meets a Welsh warrior princess who is tasked with dragging him home to England to answer to his king. Lots of unexpected movement in the plot and great romantic tension. Can’t quite recommend it yet because I have no idea what’s in store, but the first 50% is excellent.

I also just started THE HATING GAME by Sally Thorne. I know I’m late on this one but after seeing it pop up everywhere and never seem to go away I figured I had to do it. It’s a library loan, so I have to put THE KING’S MAN on temporary pause (boooo). The first few chapters of THE HATING GAME are delicious. I’ll probably devour it in days. It’s a nice change from the dark dramatic stuff I usually read. :)


Speaking of dark and dramatic… you gotta check out THE GLASS WOMAN by Caroline Lea. Chilling, desolate, mysterious, romantic, a perfect winter read. Kind of like REBECCA in Iceland. Certainly one of my top five reads in 2020.



I hope you’re enjoying some lazy days full of books, good food and drink, pleasant family time, and all the nice things at the end of this bizarre year. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021. :)



This book’s cover hooked me, but its characters kept me reading. They came alive on page one and never relented. The plot was unique in a quiet sort of way. Straightforward, poignant writing and excellent dialogue. There was wit on every page even with the dark subject matter. Exactly my kind of book. Added bonus: it was set in my neck of the USA! Rare to find in fiction and very cool to read!

by Glendy Vanderah

Amazon | Goodreads | Glendy Vanderah’s website

(Please read the reviews for trigger warnings if you’re sensitive to certain things. This story features the worst of human nature, but it’s not graphic.)

Arkansas, You are Beautiful

Here are some photos I took during an October road trip to Arkansas. The drive led straight through the part of Missouri where the Unquiet books take place. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ozark Mountain region, here’s a good taste. Every morning our mountaintop cabin was surround by fog … and unquiet creatures returning to their hiding places.

LitBuzz Review of UNBROKEN

Thanks to Tanya at LitBuzz for such a wonderful review of UNBROKEN.

… a totally original supernatural thriller that is as fascinating as it is engrossing …

… sweeping in magnitude … intimately touching …

… new twists in the plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder where this will all end …

… such raw but real characters whose struggles and emotions are almost tangible …

… the Unquiet Series is so well done and captivating that I could not put it down and am eagerly waiting for the next book to be published.

Click over to LitBuzz to read the full review!


UNBROKEN release day is here!

Sample or buy now: ebook | paperback

The Unquiet Series is an urban fantasy trilogy with a wholesome small-town hero, a mysterious anti-heroine, and a world of unquiet spirits, razor-toothed demons, and thunderbirds.

UNBROKEN is book two in the series, so if you’re new to this series you must read UNQUIET first!

Get the ebook version of UNBROKEN now for a release price of only $3.99!

And please remember to rate, review, and spread the word!

Mutual enemies. Opposite worlds. She fled to keep him safe. He won’t stop until he finds her.

Waapikoona’s journey home was supposed to be a respite from the chaos that tore her from her path in Missouri. Bad news and new grief cut the warm welcome short. Even armed with the perfect clue to find her sister’s abuser, the danger she faces is all too … real.

Mick feels like the most unqualified of heroes. Too much to do brings too many mistakes and distracts him from his hunt for Waapikoona. When an unexpected guest arrives in his woods, urgency electrifies his search. It’s no longer just his life that depends on finding Waapikoona.

The creatures of the underworld are multiplying. Growing bolder. And now threatening more than just Mick. He can’t solve anything without Waapikoona, but someone else has found her first—someone who wants her dead. She’s been raised from her grave once. Twice would be a miracle.