You can write an entire novel every year if you really write for ten solid minutes a day.

But what if ten minutes is too much?

If you’re ill. If you’re overwhelmed with non-writing work. If you have a bunch of kids and a mountain of laundry and volunteer work and a job.

If you have all those things, asking you to give your art ten minutes can feel like asking you to give your art ten hours. Impossible. Just more than you can handle.

And when you feel that stuck, it can be super easy to just skip the whole thing.

Only skipping it doesn’t feel good. Because writing is your sanctuary. It’s the one thing you do for yourself, maybe. It’s your dream.

— Shaunta Grimes in The Every Day Novelist

And I’ll add one more thing: something about me turning 40 has wrecked my ability to stay up past 11:00 PM. All my best writing for The Alignment Series was done between 11 PM and 1 AM. This simply isn’t possible anymore. So the Unquiet Series will be the series written on stolen time. I just need to find someone to rob.

I can’t imagine what would happen to my brain if I left these stories inside me.

Oh, and this book I’m writing right now is called UNBROKEN.

Progress of UNBROKEN
First draft: In progress (20,116 words)
My revisions: Not started
Editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started

New Book Update – May 13

I broke 10,000 words on Unquiet Series Book 2, which might have a title but I’m not sure enough about it to release it. I need to get a better feel for how things are going to go because right now it’s just Strange New Characters followed by Difficult Issue With No Help In Sight and then Unexpected Tragedy and it’s all a little chaotic. I will be living with book stress until I reach the end, about nine months from now. Woo.


UNQUIET is now available on Amazon! The Kindle version is live now. Paperback version will be live soon. Edit: Paperback is here!

Sample or buy now: Kindle | Paperback

The Unquiet Series is an urban fantasy trilogy with a wholesome small-town hero, a mysterious anti-heroine, and a world of unquiet spirits, razor-toothed demons, and thunderbirds.

Get the Kindle version now for a release price of only $2.99! And please remember to rate, review, and spread the word!

Unquiet spirits. A gathering underground war. And a love that complicates everything.

In Mick’s quiet Missouri town, strangers stand out—especially mysterious women who vandalize cars in front of the local grocery store. It’s strange, but none of Mick’s business … until he notices the woman’s busted lip. The right thing to do is offer her a ride and a place to hide out—which is how he ends up with her knife against his throat in his own apartment.

Waapikoona has nearly reached her quota of bodies to raise her sister from the dead. When it’s this easy to take her next valuable soul, she can’t say no. But she stalls killing Mick, sensing another regret she’ll have to carry in her already dark world.

Old bones are stirring underground, changing Mick. Waapikoona has crossed the circle of time, made a pact with a powerful underworld demon, and angered the thunderbirds. Mick can’t escape his new calling: stop Waapikoona and the unquiet she’s dragged into his town.