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UNCHAINED, the final book in a brand new trilogy, is almost here! Get ready for more of this wholesome small-town hero, mysterious anti-heroine, and world of unquiet spirits, razor-toothed demons, and thunderbirds. Subscribe in the sidebar to receive spoiler-free news about upcoming books. The latest update is on the blog. And order books one and two to start this series today!

THE ALIGNMENT SERIES is coming soon in audio, thanks to Blackstone Publishing! Book 1 is available right now on Amazon, along with pre-orders for the rest, with other bookstores to follow, so keep checking back!


The Alignment Series

A cataclysmic love story with a touch of magic.

“wonderfully different” | “intense…illuminating…beautiful” | “intriguing, romantic”
“kept me riveted” | “this series is a must read!” | “such a bad addiction”

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kay_camden_0006_cropKay Camden is equal parts writer, reader, and metalhead, who believes the best stories are love stories and all heroes must have a cool car. She writes twisty plots with smart heroines, haunted heroes, ancient feuds, forbidden love, magic, and revenge.