Recommended Reads: NETTLE & BONE

I loved everything about this dark and hopeful one-of-a-kind fairytale. It’s witty, exciting, and emotional. Sweet, but not too sweet. Twisted, but not over the line. Moves at a tight pace while allowing important moments for the characters to breathe. And oh, the characters. They were exceptional.

by T. Kingfisher

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Shepherd – Discover The Best Books

Check out my book recommendations page on Shepherd, a new place to discover your favorite books.

Shepherd is a gold mine for book lovers. I got pleasantly lost perusing the “best books” lists and ended up with about fifty open browser tabs of books to check out. My TBR is now quite a bit longer, thanks to Shepherd.

Bookshelves are also a great place to find books. Here’s the Magic-Supernatural one to get you started.

I took a few liberties with my own book recommendations list. There isn’t exactly a romance in The Gaslight Dogs, and two of my picks are sci-fi, not fantasy. But what’s important is they all have that perfect blend of elements that make them 5-star reads. I hope you check them out and get lost among the great books on Shepherd just like I did. :)

Recommended Reads: THE DEMON KING

So deeply crafted I just might have to call this epic. These characters are so perfectly—and imperfectly—human. I just can’t get enough of their longing and desperation, their sacrifices and struggles, the twists they must navigate. I’m so hopelessly hooked and can’t wait to see how all this buildup becomes even more tangled together. This is a series that must be binged!

by Cinda Williams Chima

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UNCHAINED release day is here!

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The Unquiet Series is an urban fantasy trilogy with a wholesome small-town hero, a mysterious anti-heroine, and a world of unquiet spirits, razor-toothed demons, and thunderbirds.

UNCHAINED is the final book in the series, so if you’re new to this series you must read UNQUIET first!

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They’ve betrayed their worlds, but they will never betray each other.

After Mick unearthed Waapikoona from the grave, he didn’t expect to lose her again to an unnatural endless slumber. Without her, he can’t navigate his new duties—and the chaos—she brought upon him. He can’t appeal to the great demon who can revive his baby niece from the dead. And he certainly can’t save the world.

Waapikoona feels the underworld retreating from her bones, and it’s left her with more than just a nightmare. Not long ago she yearned to see the upperworld in flames. Now there’s too much for her to lose. Torn between two worlds, she must make a choice: join the mutiny against her creator or ally with Mick—and everything he stands for.

Between underworld-corrupted sky and earth, in black water churning with demons, an eagle clashes with a great demon as an undead woman and her sister fight to save time itself.