UNCHAINED Coming August 9, Pre-order Now

Release day for UNCHAINED is August 9!

UNCHAINED is the final book in an exciting new urban fantasy series.

If you’re new to this series, you need to start with UNQUIET. If you’re ready for book three, pre-order today and it will be delivered to your device on release day.

The Unquiet Series is now complete and ready to binge!


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(Paperback links coming very soon!)

THE WARRIOR Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

The Kindle pre-order of THE WARRIOR is live on Amazon! This $2.99 intro price is a big thanks to the fans of this series who have been waiting so long for this finale. Thank you for supporting my work and for being so patient.

Things will take some time to update everywhere on Amazon, so you might not find THE WARRIOR on my Amazon author page or in a search right now. Here’s the direct link:


Release day is December 15th!

I hope to have the paperback release that day too, but that hasn’t yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

THE CATALYST Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

The Kindle pre-order of THE CATALYST just went live on Amazon. Fans of the series can get this $2.99 intro price now and for a few weeks after January 16 publication. That’s my thanks to you for your patience and support.

Things are still linking and updating on Amazon, so you might not find it on my Amazon author page or in a search right away. Here’s the direct link:


Click to buy now before the price goes up!

And here’s the gorgeous back cover again since the post that went via email last time had a broken link to the image. :)


Penned Con Pre-Order and Giveaway

If you’re coming to Penned Con 2016 this September and would like to pre-order my books so you’re sure to have a copy in case I sell out, please fill out this form and I’ll invoice you via PayPal. All books to be picked up by you at Penned Con in St. Louis (September 23-24).

I have six tickets to Penned Con 2016 that are free to the first six people who click. To try for a free ticket, click here then select “2 Day Ticket: gives you access to full day book signings, panels, workshops and keynote speakers ($35.00).” If you’re one of the first six, you’ll see “CAMDEN discount applied.”