THE WARRIOR Coming in Paperback December 15

THE WARRIOR paperback is a go. It will be available on Amazon on December 15, the same day as the Kindle version. Number of physically turnable pages: 536. The proof arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful. This might be my favorite book yet. I’ll have copies ready to sign and ship in the first week of January.

Countdown to Publication

THE ALIGNMENT, Book One in my series, will release this month. Cover art and formatting are complete. A paperback proof is expected to arrive on Friday. If it passes final inspection, I configure the Kindle version and push the PUBLISH button.

This has been a four-year journey that included countless revisions and a trek through the purgatory of querying the traditional machine. But all that time, and the rejections, have strengthened my writing and my final product. I truly believe this book is better as a result of me going indie and keeping control over my work. I hope readers will agree.

I’ve updated my Fiction page with details about THE ALIGNMENT and the other books in the series. As soon as I push that PUBLISH button, I go straight to work on Book Two.

Look for an announcement about THE ALIGNMENT soon!