Translations: THE OAK AND THE MOON

Here are the translations of the Irish dialogue in THE OAK AND THE MOON.

If you haven’t yet read TOATM (or THE ALIGNMENT, or THE TWO), desist! There might be spoilers below.

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Translation of Irish dialogue from THE OAK AND THE MOON

A chroí, chuir tú iontas go duine orainn. Ní fhacthas dúinn go mbeifeá comh toilteanach seo bheith linn.
My dear, you’ve surprised us all. We didn’t realize you would be so willing to join us.

Is amadán tú.
You’re a fool. (or idiot)

Go raibh do chorp ina fheis ag mic tíre.
May your body be a feast for wolves.

Stad as anois.
Stop it now.

‘S mura stadfad?
And if I don’t stop?

siol fagu
a Welsh nursing shawl (check it out here and here)

Tá brón orm, a chroí.
I’m sorry, love.

cur (mutt, mongrel)

Mise agus tusa?
Me and you?

Dhá anam táthaithe ag trí rún.
Two souls united by three secrets.

Cén mhoill?
What’s delaying you?

shortened/babytalk version of “Amach!” which means “Out!”

Go díreach.
Right on.

Níl tú ag díona’ ro-mhaith anocht.
Not a good night for you.

Tá tú ro-bhog orm.
You’re making this too easy for me.

Tá mé ag iarraidh go dtiúrfaidh tú abhaile mé.
I want you to take me home.

An bhfuil rud eicínt eile uait a dhíona’?
Do you want to do something else?

Is treise dúchas ná oiliúint.
Instinct is stronger than upbringing.



Cén gheis a chuir tú uirthi? Geis lus na meala líomóide?
What spell did you put on her? The lemon balm spell?

Ní dhearna mé tada.
I didn’t do a thing.

Filleann tú ar an mbaile agus éiríonn sí as as a stuaim féin? An-chomhthárlú go deo é sin.
You return home and she stops on her own? That’s a remarkable coincidence.

B’fhéidir nach ea.
Maybe it’s not.

Ó mo cheann, mo cheann.
My head, my head.

A mhuirnín

Faigh suaimhneas trí chodladh. Go gcumhdaí an chré thú go nglaofaidh muid aríst ort.
Find peace with sleep. May the earth protect you until we call for you again.

A bhean

Tá brón orm, a Mháthair.
I’m sorry, Mother.

Tá brón orm, a Aintín.
I’m sorry, Aunt.

A mhic

Cloisim arís uait é.
Say it again; repeat it if you dare.

absolute bitch


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The Oak and the Moon

TOATM: Completion

I’ve just given final approval on the ebook formatting and back cover art.

The Oak and the Moon (The Alignment Book 3) is complete.

Publication happening soon. Very soon.


First Draft: Complete (160,627 words)
My revisions: First round complete, final round complete (161,377 words)
Professional editing: Complete
Proofreading: Complete
Formatting: Complete
Final proofread: Complete
Cover art: Complete

Quick TOATM Update

Here’s a quick TOATM update for all you patient people. I can’t believe it’s been three weeks.

The paperback format is finally done! *cries* We had a few files get corrupted which slowed us down even more.

What’s left: ebook formatting and proofreading (should be way quicker than the paperback), back cover and spine artwork, review of paperback proof (hardcopy).

This will all come together fast, like Liv’s dagger into an assassin’s eye. :)

Paperback and ebook will be published the same day, very soon…