The Alignment Series

A cataclysmic love story with a touch of magic.

“wonderfully different” | “intense…illuminating…beautiful” | “intriguing, romantic”
“kept me riveted” | “this series is a must read!” | “such a bad addiction”

The Alignment is a contemporary fantasy series about two rival families and the people caught between them. If you like haunted anti-heroes, smart heroines, destined love, ancient feuds, rival families, pagan magic, and cold revenge, then The Alignment Series is for you. At its heart is a deep love story spanning three generations. Above it runs a twisty plot designed to make you turn pages. This series is complete, and also very sequential so the books should be read in order.

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Unquiet Series

Unquiet spirits. A building underground war. And love that complicates everything.

My current work in progress is a fantasy romance/urban fantasy that I hope to make into a trilogy. This time it’s the heroine who’s haunted and doing bad things, and the hero must work to help her out while discovering new demons of his own. Release of book one, UNQUIET, is expected in early 2019. I’m a slow writer and an annoying perfectionist so please be patient with me! :) To receive updates via email please subscribe in the right sidebar.