Translations: THE CATALYST

Here are the translations of the Irish words in THE CATALYST.

Stop here if you haven’t yet read THE CATALYST (or any other books in The Alignment Series). These translations could be spoilers.

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Translation of the Irish Words and Dialogue in THE CATALYST

a chroí
my dear

black magic

Máistir na nDúl
Master of the Elements

This name means “island,” and the ‘s’ is pronounced “sh” (as in “finish” without the F)

Tá brón orm, a Fhearghuis.
I’m sorry, Fearghus.

Is tú mo chuisle.
You are my pulse. (This is a common way to say “I love you.”)

Seo dhuit.
Here, take it.


Tá brón orm.
I’m sorry.

Is treascairt na tragóide é an crann greamaithe.
A destiny embraced is a tragedy overcome.

Is trí na dúile a shínim. Is leis na dúile a aimsím. Is tú mo chuisle. Leatsa mé. Sín amach, is ceanglaímis.
It is through the elements that I reach. It is with the elements that I find. You are my pulse. I am yours. Stretch out, and let us connect.

a mhic

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THE ALIGNMENT is free on Kindle right now and has rocketed to #1 in several categories and into the Top 100 Free. Thanks so much to everyone who downloaded the book. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00017]His newfound anger. Her broken heart. Driven apart, they must realign before the dark power he summoned becomes their enemy’s perfect weapon.

THE CATALYST, the fourth book in The Alignment Series, is now available on Amazon.

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The Alignment is a contemporary fantasy series about two rival families and the people caught between them. If you haven’t read the first book, the Kindle version will be free on Amazon January 19-23. This series is very sequential so the books should be read in order. Subscribe by email in the right sidebar to receive notice when my books go on sale!

I’m incredibly proud of THE CATALYST. It’s a tight package of a story that moves as fast as its position in the series demands. We’re nearing the climax here and things are tense. TB is feeling the strain and taking it exactly as you’d expect. Liv? Well, let’s just say she’s losing it too.

Thanks so much to my talented team: editor Max Dobson, proofreader Debra Argosy, and the artists at This book would not be what it is without them.

I hope you like THE CATALYST! It’s being released at $2.99 as a thank-you to the fans of the series who’ve been waiting patiently. Price will go up soon, so get it now!

Book Four of The Alignment Series

Trey returns from another visit to the Moore estate with nothing but more anger and less room in his head to stow it. Old coping mechanisms no longer work. Not with a newborn in the mix. And Liv, who’s had enough.

Liv has found what’s missing: a memento of her past she’s worked hard to forget. It unearths memories of a different man—a stable partner, a loving father. As it draws her in, Trey’s new anger drives her away.

Desperate to find Liv, Trey digs into his arsenal of magic for a dark power he’s never used. He shouldn’t use—he has to use. What he doesn’t expect is who that power lures: a visitor, with answers for Liv, complications for Trey, and a claim on their daughter almost as threatening as the Moores’. And what that power creates: a weapon, perfectly crafted to target all who share his blood. A vulnerability placed upon their daughter. And the perfect way for the Moores to destroy them all.

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THE CATALYST Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

The Kindle pre-order of THE CATALYST just went live on Amazon. Fans of the series can get this $2.99 intro price now and for a few weeks after January 16 publication. That’s my thanks to you for your patience and support.

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