THE WARRIOR Update – April 14

It’s almost Beltane and I’m nowhere near where I hoped to be with this book by now. Current word count is 35,589 (goal is 100,000-120,000). I just started chapter 10.

I need to write in more blood and guts because I expected more and there just simply isn’t enough.

My weirdest Google search for this book so far: “alligator death roll.” Coolest research: Škoda Fabia R5. Can’t tell you why because spoilers. :)

Not much else to report other than last books in a series are hard. :/

THE WARRIOR Update – March 11

Quick update: I’m 22,361 words deep into THE WARRIOR. That’s six chapters in. And I just wrote something more disturbing than the altar TB builds out of you-know-what in book 4. I tried to talk myself out of writing it for days because it’s just…not cool. The story always wins though. So there it is. And the research I had to do? CANNOT PURGE THE IMAGES.

Recommended Reads: THE RAVEN BOYS

theravenboysTHE RAVEN BOYS was so entertaining on so many levels I could barely stand it. It was hard to read without shouting aloud at the end of every page. What would I be shouting? No idea. Gibberish probably. Or maybe fangirl squeals. My brain was so consumed by great characters and story it had no power left to form words.

THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater
Amazon | Goodreads | Maggie Stiefvater’s website

About Book Five

So. Book five. The big finale. I’m not sure how I’m going to pull it off.

I have 4,558 words written. That’s 18 manuscript pages, almost to the end of the second chapter.

There’s a new character whose head I was afraid to get in. I was worried I’d never connect, that this person was too far away from me to be anything but forced. After writing my way into it, I’m shocked at how alive this character is. Looks like there’s a new star to this series, with a character arc that’s going to be extreme. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to get through the day with yet another voice in my head.

Like all my books, I know the ending, and I have several bits of plot in the middle that move the story along, so it’s just a matter of writing up to each point until I reach the end. Easy, right?

I’ll post updates about once a month, and I promise to write as fast as I can.

Translations: THE CATALYST

Here are the translations of the Irish words in THE CATALYST.

Stop here if you haven’t yet read THE CATALYST (or any other books in The Alignment Series). These translations could be spoilers.

Here is a picture of some broccoli as a protective buffer. No, this is not TB’s crop. It’s mine from last year. :)


Translation of the Irish Words and Dialogue in THE CATALYST

a chroí
my dear

black magic

Máistir na nDúl
Master of the Elements

This name means “island,” and the ‘s’ is pronounced “sh” (as in “finish” without the F)

Tá brón orm, a Fhearghuis.
I’m sorry, Fearghus.

Is tú mo chuisle.
You are my pulse. (This is a common way to say “I love you.”)

Seo dhuit.
Here, take it.


Tá brón orm.
I’m sorry.

Is treascairt na tragóide é an crann greamaithe.
A destiny embraced is a tragedy overcome.

Is trí na dúile a shínim. Is leis na dúile a aimsím. Is tú mo chuisle. Leatsa mé. Sín amach, is ceanglaímis.
It is through the elements that I reach. It is with the elements that I find. You are my pulse. I am yours. Stretch out, and let us connect.

a mhic

THE ALIGNMENT Free on Kindle (Thank You for the Downloads!)

THE ALIGNMENT is free on Kindle right now and has rocketed to #1 in several categories and into the Top 100 Free. Thanks so much to everyone who downloaded the book. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s free through tomorrow, so tell your friends! And if you read it and like it, please consider posting a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads (or both!). Indie writers rely on reviews from readers and are very grateful for each and every one.

And if you happen to like it enough to continue through the series, thank you! Your support powers my writing. I’ll post a quick update about book 5 very soon.

Here are links to all my books in case you’re on a review writing spree. Books 2-4 are hurting for some new reviews too. :)

THE ALIGNMENT: Amazon | Goodreads
THE TWO: Amazon | Goodreads
THE OAK AND THE MOON: Amazon | Goodreads
THE CATALYST: Amazon | Goodreads

I just got a shipment of bookmarks for THE CATALYST. If you’d like a bookmark for any book or for all four, contact me and I’ll mail you one (or more).