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The Unquiet Series is an urban fantasy trilogy with a wholesome small-town hero, a mysterious anti-heroine, and a world of unquiet spirits, razor-toothed demons, and thunderbirds.

UNBROKEN is book two in the series, so if you’re new to this series you must read UNQUIET first!

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Mutual enemies. Opposite worlds. She fled to keep him safe. He won’t stop until he finds her.

Waapikoona’s journey home was supposed to be a respite from the chaos that tore her from her path in Missouri. Bad news and new grief cut the warm welcome short. Even armed with the perfect clue to find her sister’s abuser, the danger she faces is all too … real.

Mick feels like the most unqualified of heroes. Too much to do brings too many mistakes and distracts him from his hunt for Waapikoona. When an unexpected guest arrives in his woods, urgency electrifies his search. It’s no longer just his life that depends on finding Waapikoona.

The creatures of the underworld are multiplying. Growing bolder. And now threatening more than just Mick. He can’t solve anything without Waapikoona, but someone else has found her first—someone who wants her dead. She’s been raised from her grave once. Twice would be a miracle.

UNBROKEN Arrives September 29, Pre-order Now

Release day for UNBROKEN is September 29!

UNBROKEN is the second book in an exciting new urban fantasy series. If you’re new to this series, you need to start with UNQUIET. If you’re ready for book two, pre-order today and it will be delivered to your device on release day.

Finalizing all the pieces of this book happened so fast I can hardly believe it’s finished.

Fun fact: the paperbacks of UNQUIET and UNBROKEN both have 346 pages. I’m not sure how that happened, but it must be proof that this book is perfect. :)


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