A Win For Trey’s Coyotes! But They Still Need Your Help…

Coyotes are as critical to our world as they are in my books. They’re already saving Trey and Liv’s butts in book four and I’m only four chapters in. If you’d like to help protect America’s predators from becoming senseless trophy kills that disrupt ecological balance, please read the letter from Project Coyote below. I’m a monthly donor, and I wish I could give more. I don’t want our country’s majestic predators to only live in fiction.

Four donors will match all donations up to $25K by December 31st!


Warning: The link in the letter below contains gruesome images.

From projectcoyote.org:

Salmon, Idaho Predator Derby Canceled!

As a result of sustained legal and grassroots efforts by a coalition of organizations including Project Coyote, sponsors of the infamous Salmon Idaho “Predator Derby” announced they are canceling the cruel event this winter. This is a huge win for the coyotes, wolves and other predators targeted in this barbaric event that awards prizes to those who kill the most and largest of a given species. You helped achieve this victory!

While we celebrate this hard-fought victory and take comfort in knowing that coyotes and wolves in the Salmon, Idaho area won’t be targeted this winter, the stark reality is that killing contests are still legal in Idaho – and in every U.S. state except California.

To Expose this barbarity, Educate the public and policy makers, and Empower the grassroots to help End this practice, we are producing a film about wildlife killing contests and trophy hunting of predators. Most people have no idea wild animals are being killed for prizes and trophies across the U.S.- and are shocked and horrified to learn such cruelty is legal.

Education is key to changing the way our wildlife is treated in North America. We must raise public awareness and then change the laws to ensure that coyotes, wolves, bobcats and other native carnivores are treated and valued with the kind of respect and appreciation they deserve.

Will you help us complete this film, distribute it and continue our work to end wildlife-killing contests, trapping and other cruelties inflicted against our important apex predators? Four generous donors have pledged to match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25K by December 31st. Please help us and double your impact for wildlife.

Please watch my message below & thank you for your steadfast support.

Camilla H. Fox
Founder & Executive Director


Warning: Video contains gruesome images.

Congrats to the Goodreads Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the three Goodreads giveaway winners of paperback copies of books 1-3. I packed up your books last night and will ship them very soon.

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Every giveaway paperback comes with a coordinating bookmark. Limited edition and priceless! (Kidding.) If you’re a fan of the series and would like a bookmark, contact me and I’ll send one your way.


About Book Four

I’m 5,200 words (about 2 chapters) in to THE CATALYST (book four of THE ALIGNMENT SERIES). It’s a rough 5,200 words that will be fine-tuned later in my revisions stage.

I’ll admit this now that I’ve worked past it: I was afraid of this book. Every time I start a new book I convince myself I don’t know how to write. That the books I’ve already published were some kind of temporary insanity that I’ve overcome, and due to that, have lost the ability to write. The reality is that the insanity is permanent. Good news for readers! Maybe not such good news for me. But the only cure is writing, so that’s what I’m doing.

I have 31 pages of notes and already-written scenes. I’ve finished the beginning and I know the end. The work is what comes in the middle. Right now I have no idea what the bulk of that is. I know TB has a serious character arc in this book, the finality of it, really. And Liv? She’s got issues too. Probably the most issues she’s had yet. And I’m very glad to be writing present tense again. I’ll be even more glad when I can get past the first couple chapters. TB is showing his bad side, and it is…not good.

Updates won’t be frequent for the next several months. Just know that I am writing as fast as I can. I hope to make book four the best book yet.

THE CATALYST (The Alignment Book Four) coming in Autumn 2016.

Translations: THE OAK AND THE MOON

Here are the translations of the Irish dialogue in THE OAK AND THE MOON.

If you haven’t yet read TOATM (or THE ALIGNMENT, or THE TWO), desist! There might be spoilers below.

Here’s a photo of a beautiful Missouri autumn as a protective buffer.

Content warning: explicit language


Translation of Irish dialogue from THE OAK AND THE MOON

A chroí, chuir tú iontas go duine orainn. Ní fhacthas dúinn go mbeifeá comh toilteanach seo bheith linn.
My dear, you’ve surprised us all. We didn’t realize you would be so willing to join us.

Is amadán tú.
You’re a fool. (or idiot)

Go raibh do chorp ina fheis ag mic tíre.
May your body be a feast for wolves.

Stad as anois.
Stop it now.

‘S mura stadfad?
And if I don’t stop?

siol fagu
a Welsh nursing shawl (check it out here and here)

Tá brón orm, a chroí.
I’m sorry, love.

cur (mutt, mongrel)

Mise agus tusa?
Me and you?

Dhá anam táthaithe ag trí rún.
Two souls united by three secrets.

Cén mhoill?
What’s delaying you?

shortened/babytalk version of “Amach!” which means “Out!”

Go díreach.
Right on.

Níl tú ag díona’ ro-mhaith anocht.
Not a good night for you.

Tá tú ro-bhog orm.
You’re making this too easy for me.

Tá mé ag iarraidh go dtiúrfaidh tú abhaile mé.
I want you to take me home.

An bhfuil rud eicínt eile uait a dhíona’?
Do you want to do something else?

Is treise dúchas ná oiliúint.
Instinct is stronger than upbringing.



Cén gheis a chuir tú uirthi? Geis lus na meala líomóide?
What spell did you put on her? The lemon balm spell?

Ní dhearna mé tada.
I didn’t do a thing.

Filleann tú ar an mbaile agus éiríonn sí as as a stuaim féin? An-chomhthárlú go deo é sin.
You return home and she stops on her own? That’s a remarkable coincidence.

B’fhéidir nach ea.
Maybe it’s not.

Ó mo cheann, mo cheann.
My head, my head.

A mhuirnín

Faigh suaimhneas trí chodladh. Go gcumhdaí an chré thú go nglaofaidh muid aríst ort.
Find peace with sleep. May the earth protect you until we call for you again.

A bhean

Tá brón orm, a Mháthair.
I’m sorry, Mother.

Tá brón orm, a Aintín.
I’m sorry, Aunt.

A mhic

Cloisim arís uait é.
Say it again; repeat it if you dare.

absolute bitch