Book Two Progress as of July 14

Can I say I’m feeling a bit excited about releasing this book? Maybe. Just maybe…

That final polishing I said would take a week ended up taking three. But it’s worth it. Some of these changes have really made this book what I hoped it would be.

We’ll see what my editor thinks. It’s in her hands now, for her final pass. And I’m going to take a much needed break à la a little Burn Notice or Orphan Black before my real vacation begins next week.

Because we all know taking two little kids to the beach for the first time ain’t gonna be no vacation.

Progress of THE TWO
First Draft: Complete (121,006 words)
My revisions: Complete
Professional editing: Editor’s final pass in progress
Formatting: Not started
Cover art: Photography for cover art in progress

Recommended Indie Reads: Intercontinental Moves, Interdimensional Travel

I got tagged again with the Four Q&As about my WIP blog hop, so instead of repeat the same questions and answers, I’m going to promote two great indie writers.


Rosemary Whittaker is a British born author. She is an English teacher by profession. Since leaving university she has lived and worked in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and twice in Denmark. Her husband works in biodiversity informatics (cataloging all living species on earth) and this has entailed many moves. They have five children so the moves have been extra challenging.
Her real love has always been writing and she has written several novels, variously set in the countries in which she has lived. She also writes for children. All her novels are available on Amazon and

Her recent novels, a set of four, all take the theme of British women who move, by choice or circumstance, to one of the four countries mentioned above. THE CINNAMON SNAIL is set in Denmark, where Rosemary currently lives.

The Copenhagen Post Publisher’s Corner: Review of ‘The Cinnamon Snail’

Rosemary’s Website | Rosemary’s Books on Amazon


Jason Gurley is a writer I recently found. His book ELEANOR was released on June 27, but I received an early copy from his website.

I’m about 80% through ELEANOR, and devouring it. It’s a lovingly crafted book, a story I can recommend wholeheartedly even though I haven’t finished it. It’s a perfect example of why I love indie fiction, and why I’m so glad this book never found a traditional publisher. ELEANOR hasn’t been forced into any mold. It’s a story that takes its time to build, to immerse you, to wiggle in deeply so you can’t shake it off.

If you like magical realism, and exploring the barrier between life and the afterlife, you might want to check this one out.

Jason’s Website | Jason’s Books on Amazon