On My Birthday

I had the day off work. My three-year-old let me sleep past nine. We didn’t get dressed ’til 10:30. We watched almost an entire season of Adventure Time then wrestled on the floor. He did a cannonball off the couch, straight onto my shin. Tomorrow, I’ll have the bruise to prove it.

After picking my kindergartner up from school, we sat outside on the patio under billowing cumulonimbus and ate barbecue chips and drank lemonade. A hawk circled above. I told my son it wanted to eat his brain.

“Mom, would you be sad if it ate my brain?”

“What do you think?”

“I think yes.”

“Would you be sad if it ate my brain?”

Big smile. “Yes.”

Oh, the love between mother and child.

At some point, I got a call on our land line, from THE LAND LINE’S OWN NUMBER. No one on the other end. Thank god for that.

Because I was afraid it was going to be my future self, telling me I have a lot of editing to do. And it’s sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for me, and I shouldn’t be watching so much Adventure Time.
I knew book two would need a ton of editing but I wasn’t prepared for the depth of hell I’ve descended to. I’ve switched to editing hard copy by hand, if that’s any indication. I can’t estimate my progress at this point. I can’t even see an end ahead.

I’m still aiming for summer publication, but it’s going to be late summer. To those of you waiting, yeah, I feel rotten this is taking so long. But be VERY GLAD for my red pen. I wouldn’t wish this draft on my worst enemy.

Oh, and I got a great review today. Thank you, Morgan.

I couldn’t have planned a better birthday.

Tonight, I edit until the witching hour.

Recommended Reads: THE BRIDGE by Rebecca Rogers Maher

I’m not sure where I heard about Rebecca Rogers Maher‘s books, but whatever it was sold me for an instant read even though I have dozens of books waiting for me on my Kindle. I started with THE BRIDGE. Probably the best book I’ve read this year. I’m 50% into TANYA, the followup which was just published last month. TANYA’s plot is milder, but the romance is much more spicy, which I’m usually not into (graphic sex scenes bore me into a coma, go figure). But! The writing is so flippin’ good—that spice mixes with sweet and beautiful and it’s impossible not to savor every word. If all writers infused such compelling emotion into a sex scene I’d be signing up every time.
While reading THE BRIDGE, I was confronted with the idea that the best relationships, the most fulfilling ones, are based on complete honesty. You could meet a person who’s your polar opposite, but if there are no games and no masks and no pretending, no small-talk pleasantries to keep a polite distance, no egos to stroke, no images to uphold, if the playing field is level and you’re both standing in the mud, then the only way to connect is on a simple human level. Which works every time. Unless you’re like, Hannibal Lecter or something.

But honesty, as a foundation, just might be all we need. Everything else–respect, sympathy, love, can grow from it.

THE BRIDGE is the type of love story I’m on a never-ending quest to find. I’ve added all of Rebecca’s books to my TBR list and I think I’m pushing them to the top.

THE BRIDGE by Rebecca Rogers Maher
Amazon | Goodreads | Rebecca Rogers Maher’s website

Book Two Progress as of May 5

First the good news: I think the editing process for this book is only going to consist of three rounds. In an earlier post I’d guessed five. The first half of round 2 is complete, so we’re halfway there.

The bad news is this round will take the longest. I have a bunch of line edits from my editor to approve. It’s also when I read the entire book aloud to catch all the things that jump out when only read aloud. It’s time-consuming (and a bit nerve-racking to read my work out loud), but I make good progress every day. It’s not like my early revisions where I can spend three hours revising one sentence.

Progress of THE TWO
First Draft: Complete (129,282 words)
My revisions: Complete
Professional editing: Currently in 2nd Half of Round 2
Formatting: Not started
Cover art: Photography for cover art in progress