THE WARRIOR Update – June 20

I never knew there could be someone in this series more brooding and conflicted than TB.

Progress is…happening. It’s a lot slower than I want it to be, not because I’m blocked but because I’ve hit a spot where each sentence takes thirty minutes to write. And they’re not even good sentences. A big scene change is about to happen though, and once I get involved in that hopefully words will come faster.

Also to blame? Chigger bites. I have a high tolerance for pain but a nonexistent tolerance for itching. It’s so distracting. I thought these bites had exhausted their payload but then I found THREE NEW ONES. Why?! How?! I think they’re in my yard but I have no idea where, and I can’t really take a shower every time I go outside. I think they wait for me to come out and water my flowers and then they jump on me in the dozens. Twenty-four hours later the bumps develop but the chiggers are long gone. Which means they, what, dropped off in my bed? After feasting on me, unnoticed, for how long? Pardon me while I bathe in fire.

Happy summer solstice, everyone!

Progress of THE WARRIOR
First Draft: About 60% (66,328 words)
My revisions: Not started
Professional editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started