Translations: THE CATALYST

Here are the translations of the Irish words in THE CATALYST.

Stop here if you haven’t yet read THE CATALYST (or any other books in The Alignment Series). These translations could be spoilers.

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Translation of the Irish Words and Dialogue in THE CATALYST

a chroí
my dear

black magic

Máistir na nDúl
Master of the Elements

This name means “island,” and the ‘s’ is pronounced “sh” (as in “finish” without the F)

Tá brón orm, a Fhearghuis.
I’m sorry, Fearghus.

Is tú mo chuisle.
You are my pulse. (This is a common way to say “I love you.”)

Seo dhuit.
Here, take it.


Tá brón orm.
I’m sorry.

Is treascairt na tragóide é an crann greamaithe.
A destiny embraced is a tragedy overcome.

Is trí na dúile a shínim. Is leis na dúile a aimsím. Is tú mo chuisle. Leatsa mé. Sín amach, is ceanglaímis.
It is through the elements that I reach. It is with the elements that I find. You are my pulse. I am yours. Stretch out, and let us connect.

a mhic