About Book Four

I’m 5,200 words (about 2 chapters) in to THE CATALYST (book four of THE ALIGNMENT SERIES). It’s a rough 5,200 words that will be fine-tuned later in my revisions stage.

I’ll admit this now that I’ve worked past it: I was afraid of this book. Every time I start a new book I convince myself I don’t know how to write. That the books I’ve already published were some kind of temporary insanity that I’ve overcome, and due to that, have lost the ability to write. The reality is that the insanity is permanent. Good news for readers! Maybe not such good news for me. But the only cure is writing, so that’s what I’m doing.

I have 31 pages of notes and already-written scenes. I’ve finished the beginning and I know the end. The work is what comes in the middle. Right now I have no idea what the bulk of that is. I know TB has a serious character arc in this book, the finality of it, really. And Liv? She’s got issues too. Probably the most issues she’s had yet. And I’m very glad to be writing present tense again. I’ll be even more glad when I can get past the first couple chapters. TB is showing his bad side, and it is…not good.

Updates won’t be frequent for the next several months. Just know that I am writing as fast as I can. I hope to make book four the best book yet.

THE CATALYST (The Alignment Book Four) coming in Autumn 2016.