THE WARRIOR Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

The Kindle pre-order of THE WARRIOR is live on Amazon! This $2.99 intro price is a big thanks to the fans of this series who have been waiting so long for this finale. Thank you for supporting my work and for being so patient.

Things will take some time to update everywhere on Amazon, so you might not find THE WARRIOR on my Amazon author page or in a search right now. Here’s the direct link:

Release day is December 15th!

I hope to have the paperback release that day too, but that hasn’t yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “THE WARRIOR Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

  1. HELL. YES.

    December 15th is perfect. The reward for the end of my finals week. Can’t wait to read!

    P.S. Once the paperback of the Warrior is released, how would I go about ordering hard copies of the entire set?

    • I have an order form for signed copies I’ll post as soon as I know the print version is a go. If you buy all 5 you’ll get a deal. :) Invoice will come via PayPal. Once that’s paid I’ll sign and ship. Through my website is the only way to buy them all together. Amazon won’t do it. :( (For a deal, I mean. You can buy all 5 there but you’ll pay full price for all.)

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