UNBROKEN Update – April 5

I never thought I’d be writing UNBROKEN from inside someone’s game of Plague Inc, but here I am. We’re mostly self-isolated here, only leaving the house for exercise and groceries. Missouri hasn’t been hit too hard, but I’ve read what this virus does, and I do not want it in my household. School is all online for the kids right now. Drum lessons are happening over FaceTime. Jiu-Jitsu practice comes in videos over Facebook. Let’s all applaud the internet for allowing us to still have these things when their physical places had to shut down.

Being stuck in the house means lots of extra time to write, yeah? Sadly, no. We do more cooking now. Three meals a day at home. We’re trying to do more outside, so we’ve been walking a lot, like 3.2 mile stretches with the dog and the boys on their bikes. Our neighborhood sits on the bluffs of the Mississippi, so the streets all around us are great climbs and valleys. Our street has become an alternate version of itself where families spend time on their porches and driveways and talk to neighbors from a yard away, or across the street, all while there’s a constant flow of people walking dogs and riding bikes. The neighborhood is visibly alive, and it’s very retro.

I worry about what we’re not being told about this virus, and I look at maps and read articles when instead I should be writing.

Progress on UNBROKEN is good even with all these strange mods to my sense of normal. First draft done in maybe…one month? I’m writing the climax right now.

Progress of UNBROKEN
First draft: In progress (79,742 words, about 79% complete)
My revisions: Not started
Editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started