Translations: THE WARRIOR

Here are the translations of the Irish words in THE WARRIOR.

Stop here if you haven’t yet read THE WARRIOR (or any other books in The Alignment Series). These translations could be spoilers.

Here is a very amateur photo of the total solar eclipse we experienced here last summer as a protective buffer. This was taken during the short moment of totality, when shadow covered the land like dusk in the middle of a sunny summer day.

Content warning: explicit language

Translation of the Irish Words and Dialogue in THE WARRIOR

Le do thoil


Aon scéal?
What’s up? (A casual greeting. Literally means “Any news?”)

Dúile daoibh
The elements to you (a Bevan/Moore/O’Dowd way to say hello)

Black magic

A dheartháir

Cén t-am é?
What time is it?

Máistreás na nDúl
Mistress of the Elements

Oíche mhaith
Good night

Claí Mór na Réaltaí
The Milky Way (literally “Great Fence of Stars”)

An Láir Bhán
The Milky Way (literally “The White Mare”)

Póg mo thóin
Kiss my ass

Imeacht gan teacht ort
May you go without coming [back] (This is a harsh insult, comparable to “Fuck off” in English. There’s an element of wishing the person dead in it.)

Le do thoil