Raised as enemies, trained as warriors. Alone they must battle each other. Together they will end the war.

THE WARRIOR, the fifth and final book in The Alignment Series, is now available on Amazon.

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The Alignment is a contemporary fantasy series about two rival families and the people caught between them. If you haven’t read the first book, the Kindle version will be free on Amazon December 29th through January 2nd. This series is very sequential so the books should be read in order. Subscribe by email in the right sidebar to receive notice when my books go on sale!

It’s hard to believe this story has come to an end. I don’t know if it will ever turn off in my head, but for now it’s being pushed aside for different characters and new stories and worlds. I’ll probably be forever haunted by the voices of TB, Liv, both Sloanes, and now Rex. It’s very hard to say goodbye to them, not to mention Christian, Martin, Tara, Winnie, Will, Shawn, Aaron, Marcas, Rosemary, Paul, Eleanor, Fran, Órlaith, and Inis. And River, Trib, Friend, Buzz, Nicky, Ali, and all the coyotes. And dare I say Dillon? I can’t consider him a villain. Not completely, anyway.

Thanks so much to my wonderfully patient and talented team: editors Debra Argosy and Max Dobson, formatter Colleen Sheehan, and the artists at This book is beautiful inside and out because of them.

Signed copies are available. If interested please fill out this form. If you buy the whole set you’ll get a little discount. :) And they all come with matching bookmarks.

I hope THE WARRIOR is a satisfying finale. It’s being released at $2.99 as a thank-you to the fans who’ve been waiting years to finish this story. Price will go up soon, so get it now!

Book Five of The Alignment Series

Captive in the Moore estate, Sloane Bevan sees an image that evokes her grandmother’s warning: When the moon aligns with the oak, a danger will come for you. To her family she’s a warrior. To the Moores a destroyer. But she holds knowledge of magic the Moores lost, knowledge they want to extract before they kill her.

Rex Moore is out of patience. He has trained his whole life to battle and end Sloane Bevan. Now she’s in his house and his family has ordered him to wait. This is the first order he’ll defy, the last order they’ll give. Once he kills Sloane, the Bevans will fall and he will claim his birthright as king.

To end the age-old war between their families, one must destroy the other. Sloane and Rex understand their destiny, but no one predicted the larger battle they walk into. The mutual enemy they unveil. And the impossible allegiance necessary to survive it.

Sample or buy now: Kindle | Paperback


4 thoughts on “THE WARRIOR is Here

  1. I’m currently in the East coast and was waiting for the clock to strike midnight on the West. I got it on Kindle the moment it was available and am already 3/4 through. I’ve been ignoring all my friends and I’m proud of it because THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.

    I’ll definitely be ordering the paperback set of the series once January hits!

  2. Kay, this set of books is stunning. Have been waiting to see a bird used in the art and I think this is the best cover yet! Can’t wait to see what and who your next creation invents. Congratulations on the end of this journey and the beginning of a new one. Your fans await.

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