THE CATALYST – First Draft Complete

I wrote the final words to THE CATALYST’s first draft moments ago. This is mostly due to me writing over 1,900 words in one night which is crazy. I think I went through a time warp or something.

Revisions start immediately, from page one to the end, and will be completed by mid-September. That’s almost two months I have to really make this book shine! Then it goes to the editor so she can rip it to shreds. And set it on fire. Then throw it into a black hole. And when it comes out of that black hole I’ll be like, “What is this, a book? Oh, I’ve read this before but it was kind of crappy. Now it’s pretty darn good. Who wrote this? OMG I DID.”

Progress of THE CATALYST
First Draft: Complete! (102,494 words)
My revisions: Just started (0% complete)
Professional editing: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: Not started

So, Where’s Book Three?

THE OAK AND THE MOON is a hefty book. There’s a lot of story to tell, and a lot of ground to cover. I started the first draft years ago, plowed right into it after finishing the first draft of THE TWO. After over 100,000 words, I put it on pause–right in the middle of a poignant scene–to revise and publish THE ALIGNMENT, followed by THE TWO. I haven’t touched it since. I’m thrilled to return to book 3. It’s my favorite so far. It’s become something I never expected. This book is the third in the series but it’s…different. In a good way.

Book three is about 75% complete, but there’s quite a bit of work to do on that current 75%. I started (restarted) on it yesterday, at page one, reading and revising as I go. When I reach the end of what’s already written, I start writing new stuff. There will be no breaks until it’s done. Then I do a full revision. Then it goes to my editor. When, you say? I hope to give it to my editor in early 2015. Februaryish. Yes, I might be slow. But this book will be worth it. :)

First Draft: In progress, about 75% complete
My revisions: Not started
Professional editing: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Cover art: Not started