TOATM Update – August 15

Here’s a quick update for all you people drumming your fingers and/or tapping your feet. Especially now that I’ve spilled the cover. The COVER!!! *dies* Am I right?! :)

Last round of edits will be completed in the next week. Proofreading of unformatted file begins August 31. That should take about a week. Then the file goes to my formatter. His turnaround is usually a couple weeks, depending on how many changes I need to make. The last step of formatting is a final proofread. Another few weeks for that. Final changes then get sent to the formatter (fingers crossed there will be none). He’ll need a few more days to get things squared away, and the cover artist will need about a week to design the back cover and spine.

So, let’s pencil in a November 1 release. Samhain. A perfectly witchy time of year.

First Draft: Complete (160,627 words)
My revisions: First round complete, final round complete (161,377 words)
Professional editing: Nearing completion
Proofreading: Begins August 31
Formatting: Not started
Final proofread: Not started
Cover art: 50% complete