TOATM Update – July 3

So, there’s this thing called strep throat. If you haven’t had it, you’ve probably heard from people who had it as a child, and they’ve told you it was horrible. You can sympathize, but just partially, because everything in childhood occurs from a different perspective. The basement of your childhood home? HUGE. (But have you seen it lately? It’s not.) Dairy Queen dip cones were SO GOOD. (Try one as an adult. Meh.) And riding your bike to the end of the street? It was a country away. You’d need to pack a lunch.

Let me tell you this. There is nothing different about the perspective when it comes to strep throat. It’s horrible. It’s a 104.8 temperature while dosed up with ibuprofen horrible. It’s forgetting to water your flowers for 3 days so they almost die in July heat horrible. It’s sleeping all day, and all night, and still being corpse-tired. It’s forcing yourself to drink water because you know you have to but your stomach is coming up your throat.

And it’s not so much about the throat. Maybe a little at first. But then the rest of it kicks in–I don’t even know what to call “it”–and you’ll be sweating and shivering and forget your name for three days until you somehow make it to a person who can hand you some amoxicillin.

I guess that’s the tl;dr way of admitting I haven’t touched TOATM for a good week.

My hardcopy has been sitting like this:


My laptop has been sitting like this:


And I’ve been in a strange land far away, safe from harassment by fictional characters.

I have less than two weeks before this draft is due to my editor. And to be honest, the last time I sat down to work, I had this feeling: I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can do with this.

So in honor of my fever/amoxicillin delirium, I call this draft finished.

First Draft: Complete (160,627 words)
My revisions: First round complete, final round complete! (161,377 words)
Professional editing: Starts mid-July
Final Draft: Not started
Formatting: Not started
Proofreading: Not started
Cover art: Not started

4 thoughts on “TOATM Update – July 3

  1. You do realize that the minute you send off the copy, you’ll remember a glaring plot hole or simpering dialogue you meant to tweak? It’s a shame you can’t cough on the manuscript and give your editor the virus. That would give you more time to work on it. Darned digital age. Feel human soon.

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