I think I might need to write a Western fantasy romance. Or a fantasy romance Western.

First I have to finish the series I’ve already started though. For that, I wrote about 250 words on one plane ride and 650 on the way back. Between those two bouts of writing there were none because I was busy looking at this:

4 thoughts on “Western

  1. Love these pictures! Definitely great writing inspiration for a western fantasy romance. I was going to ask you where this is and whether it was Utah but I see you’ve tagged it as such. I haven’t been to Utah myself but did visit Arizona and New Mexico one time. Such stunning scenery in that part of your country!

    • Arizona is beautiful too. Never been to New Mexico but I hope to hit every state in the West in the next decade or so. I’ve already done Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, and now Utah. Wyoming is next. :) I’m sure there’s a lot of scenery up there that can rival ours!

  2. WOW. Stunning, all of it, and the video. And to think I have the same hat! It’s a hat of high adventure—both good and bad but all adventures broaden and enlighten. Glad you got out there, and are experiencing our amazing land.

    • Really?! It’s a great hat. Yes, high adventure + sun protection. I wear it everywhere because the sun is out to kill me. The great thing is I can cram it into a backpack and shove it under an airplane seat and it comes out looking untouched.

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