Recommended Reads: THE LEOPARD KING

the-leopard-king1This isn’t a recommendation. It’s an order. Read this book.

A tormented hero, nurtured back to life by the heroine’s quiet strength. It’s done so well it’s like a burn inside you as you read, as the plot unfolds to become so much more. Not that you need any more, but that’s what THE LEOPARD KING gives you. A powerful love story and so much more.

Ann Aguirre writes emotion with such striking simplicity, such depth and power. Her prose is magic. Every line sings. Nobody does romantic torment better than her. Nobody. And riding above it is an intricate plot of kingdoms in struggle, secrets, manipulation, war. A modern world so much like our own but so different, drawn with such detail it feels like our own.

Normally I don’t write a recommendation until I’ve finished the book. In this case I make an exception because Ann Aguirre can not let me down. She could kill off every character and I’d still be fangirling like crazy. I also make an exception because this book is only $2.99 on Kindle for a limited time–only a few more days I think. If you’ve never read Ann Aguirre that’s a great price to try a new author.

Fans of my books, you’re not allowed to read any more of my books until you read this one.

Okay I’m kidding. ACTUALLY NO I’M NOT.

Amazon | Goodreads | Ann Aguirre’s website

Note: There’s a lot of detailed sex in this book. A lot more than what’s in mine. So if that’s not your thing, be warned. Don’t let it scare you away from such a great book though. Just know than when they start going at it, you might want to skim. :)