Recommended Reads: RADIANCE by Grace Draven

RadianceRADIANCE by Grace Draven is another book I devoured due to how much I loved it. My lack of spare time was inconsequential.

The love story here? Oh my, the love story. It’s perfect and refreshing and funny and so so romantic and sexy and these two characters are just plain magic together. They’re so fleshed out I’m convinced they’re real, living in some other realm.

Yes, there’s a larger plot than the romance, in a expertly built fantasy world, and it’s strange, because there’s a decent amount of tension, not really a lot, not enough to explain why I was madly turning pages and couldn’t put this book down. I can’t explain why it’s so good it’s just SO GOOD because of the love story. THE LOVE STORY!! Did I mention the love story?

Fans of my books will love this one.

RADIANCE by Grace Draven
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