Translations: THE ALIGNMENT

For anyone curious about the translations of the non-English dialogue in THE ALIGNMENT, keep reading. If you haven’t read THE ALIGNMENT there could be some spoilers here.

Content warning: explicit language


Translation of Irish Dialogue from THE ALIGNMENT

A nia, le do thoil,
Nephew, please,

A mhic,

Ní ba chóir dhuit í a thabhairt anseo.
You shouldn’t have brought her here.

Má leagann duine ar bith láimh uirthi, maróidh mé sibh uilig.
If anyone touches her, I’ll kill you all.

Focáil leat.
Fuck you / Piss off / Bite me / Go to hell. (You pick. The direct translation doesn’t really work here, but this is basically what it means.)

A chroí
love (a term of endearment similar to “dear” in English)

Amhail is nach ndeachaigh am ar bith isteach.
As if no time has passed.

A Mháthair,

Bhur fíorghrá.
True love.

Is neamhbhuan cogadh na gcarad; má bhíonn sé crua, ní bhíonn sé fada.
An argument between friends is short lasting; even if bitter it is never long.

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat.
My heart is within you.

Máistir na nDúl
Master of the Elements

A leanbh na páirte,
My dear child,

Ni heolas go haontios.
There is no knowledge without unity.