Cubs Fan (My Brother’s Descent, Part 5)

Part 5 of the series. The full series is here.

* * * * *

I could shoot him in the back of his head right now and he’d never see it coming. I could make this quick and painless.

Why would I want to do that?

He’s still on all fours when he looks up at me. In seven years, he’s aged twenty. His new life in god-knows-where must not have been as cushy as he expected.

“Get up,” I say.

The bastard has the balls to smile at me. And as he stands, I see a flicker of our dad dressed in my brother’s clothes. Forget this.

“Somebody hand me a gun.” I put my hand out. A gun slides in, front-heavy with the silencer attached.

He closes his eyes. “Do it,” he says, and drops his baseball cap.

I chew the side of my tongue and stare at that damn baseball cap lying in a oily puddle on the asphalt. He’s a Cubs fan now? What the hell?

4 thoughts on “Cubs Fan (My Brother’s Descent, Part 5)

  1. He’s not going to shoot him, the story must go on. This could go in so many directions…compassion? Curiosity? Or something entirely different from the cast of characters conversing in your head. Please, all we ask is that you keep it coming.

    • You’re right. If he was going to shoot him, he would have already. He wouldn’t be in the mindset to notice the hat.

      But he could always change his mind. Kind of depends on what the big brother says…

  2. Enjoyed this.
    I couldn’t resist trying to chew the side of my tongue. I was surprised how sensitive it was–when I chewed my cheek, I felt more “thoughtful consideration.” Course he might have a flatter tongue…Robin

    • When you’re tortured for information when you’re 14 years old, I think you have a different perspective on pain. Plus, I think this guy is kind of a badass.

      Thanks for the comment. I love that you tried it out. Way cool. :)

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