Rearrange Me ‘Til I’m Sane

Inspiration Monday XX. One more X, and I would have had to have added much more detail. :O

“would have had to have”? Jeez. Is there a better way to say that? It’s painful.

* * * * *

The shade of night offers no relief from the heat. I swelter against him, boil in his arms, melt into the bed of dusty earth and dead grass. Any more of this, and he’ll have to reform my body in the morning. Rearrange me ’til I’m sane.

His mouth is dry and so is mine. We’ve sweated all our moisture out. We both know there’s no water for miles, but in this moment, we could both dehydrate and die and it would all be worth it. Our bodies would return to the earth together, fertilizing the soil, this union creating life in a different way.

He pushes up on straight, stiff arms to look at me. His chest heaves. The air floods between us, pushing him an ocean away from me. A vibration tickles the back of my head, and I turn my ear to the ground. It’s just a hint. It could be anything. He puts his ear against the ground beside me. His eyes are mirrors of mine. The vibration builds into something we both recognize and we sit up simultaneously. Orange twinkles through the forest toward us.

He takes my hand and we run. We’re too dehydrated. We’re too far from water. Sound laps at the backs of my legs, stealing my death in bliss and handing out a death in fear.

“No!” I stop so abruptly I fall to my knees. He stops a few yards ahead and turns. I sit back on my heels. “No.”

He puts his hands on his knees, bows his head. Breathes. When he looks up, all I see is a wicked smile. “We face it,” he says.


“No one’s ever faced it.”

I stand. “We face it.”

He comes to my side. We watch it coming toward us. Our breath slows. Our hearts calm. And we welcome our death in freedom.

23 thoughts on “Rearrange Me ‘Til I’m Sane

  1. Should I ban you from participating in InMon #30? Haha.

    This was amazing. I love the boiling in his arms…and the punchy, abrupt dialogue that captures the breathlessness of the situation. Incredible work, as usual. :)

  2. AGH! I’m going to print this out. And I’m going to eat it!
    You have such a great writing style! It flows so nicely, and the descriptions you used are amazing. And that ending. THAT ENDING.
    Oh, and LOL at the start of the post!

  3. Can’t wait for XXX!
    You did an outstanding job of building the pace and intensity simultaneously. The langorous, easy opening ‘afterglow’ cools slowly only to ignite into a white heat of danger and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    Also, great interpretation of the prompt. I’ve really struggled to write anything for this week’s challenge. Don’t think I’ll make it either. So, fantastic job indeed.

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  5. You have a wonderful knack of creating some great images with your words.
    I love the last line, “And we welcome our death in freedom.”
    A great read.

  6. This was excellent. I especially love “…I swelter against him, boil in his arms, melt into the bed of dusty earth and dead grass.”

    There is so much there, in such few words. Very nice.

  7. This is absolutely amazing! The imagery was awesome and I honestly couldn’t say I have a favorite line because it pulled me in so much I really didn’t remember I was reading for a minute. The characters are awesome even in just the little bit of time you give it. The sheer need for each other, and desperate wish that they can end the entire ordeal together, its really fantastic.

  8. You outdid yourself this time girl! The pace was so fast, I felt like I was running right along with them.

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