Unorthodox Alarm Clock

Inspiration Monday here we go again!


I wake up being pecked in the eye by a crow. It’s an unorthodox alarm clock, but it’s effective. I fear the day it doesn’t wake me.

I long for the day it doesn’t wake me.

21 thoughts on “Unorthodox Alarm Clock

  1. My response to this piece was to exclaim out loud (to an empty room), “Oh, my gosh. Oh wow.”

    I’m not terribly eloquent in person. So I will translate in type: thirty-six words that hit like a sledgehammer. 100% genius. If there ever is an InMon book, this is going in it. Make a note of that!

    • I’m sitting here struggling, really struggling with my synopsis, and I saw this pop into my inbox and had to read it a few times to make sure I hadn’t fallen asleep, make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

      I think I can go to bed happy now instead of frustrated and full of despair. :)
      Thank you!!

  2. If the crow is after an eye, which I always trust crows to be after, then I guess the day it no longer wakes one is when one no longer has eyes?

    And if one has no eyes, how do they know it’s a crow pecking and not a woodpecker? I guess the summary of this comment is not to get wooden eyes if you lose your real ones…


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    • Thanks – this means a lot. This is the most poetic thing I’ve ever attempted so to compare to a haiku is a big deal to me. Thank you!

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