Recommended Reads: SONG OF SCARABAEUS by Sara Creasy

It’s really hard to find the blend I like in fiction: just enough action, just enough sci-fi/fantasy, just enough of a love story.

SONG OF SCARABAEUS is one of the few novels I’ve found with that perfect blend. Toss in a captivating plot, great characterization, realistic dialogue, and several fresh story ideas that I wake up in the morning pondering, and I’m disappointed I can’t erase my memory of this book just so I can read it again. Maybe slower this time, so it can sink in more.

One of my favorite elements was the masterful male/female interaction. One example–the hero’s trigger finger is a bit eager even though the gunshots seem to do nothing to scare off a threat. The heroine says, “Save the bullets, Finn. There are hundreds of tons of biomass up there. Clearly it doesn’t want to have a hole carved through it.”

And at the end of Chapter 28? I actually put down the book and said aloud, “Oh my god. Awesome.”

I can’t wait to read the sequel.

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6 thoughts on “Recommended Reads: SONG OF SCARABAEUS by Sara Creasy

  1. As I was reading this I thought of TB and LG, then you said it at the end. Not only do personal page-turners stand ready to lift us from our quotidian routines, but when we admire the writing so much that we learn from them it just adds to their worth.

    I sometimes have to read the end of Jack Reacher books first. Yes, I read them for the suspense, but much more to be spirited away to his world. Sometimes I can’t bear to rush through for the sake of the ending.

    • Yes, the rush to finish ruins it. I had to do a double take at those initials. I couldn’t believe you’re referring to them like that (that’s what I do). And I’m surprised you saw the similarities (there are a few more I didn’t mention). Then I had to remember you haven’t even read the whole thing. Dang, I need to send you the full manuscript. :)

      So glad you’re back. Blogging has been dull without you.

  2. Sounds interesting! I’ll have to read some more reviews on it.
    I totally get what you mean when you talk about the book. Last year, I read THE IRON THORN by Caitlin Kittredge, which was the perfect blend of steampunk/Lovecraft, and I absolutely loved it. So much that I bought both the ebook and the hardcover. It remains my #1 favorite book still.
    Happy reading!

    • Hi Joseph, that’s awesome. Be sure to post back and tell me if you like it.
      I just read a bunch of posts on your blog–why doesn’t Blogger allow a simple subscribe by email? I don’t have all those other services (well, I do have a Blogger account but I rarely use it). Maybe I’m just missing it. Anyway, I’ll have to remember to check your blog. Thanks for the comment. Keep those sushi stakes high. :)

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