Anti-heroes, Torture

Two quick things.

First, I want to share something I read in Orson Scott Card’s Elements of Fiction Writing – Characters & Viewpoint. This goes back to my obsession with the anti-hero. Oh how I love the anti-hero.

Card has a very simple explanation for how to write an unlikable character who appeals to the reader and gains the reader’s sympathy. Give this character several unlikable traits. Keep those traits prominent from page one to the end. Now, along the way, weave in many other subtle traits and actions to create sympathy for this character. Keep these minor. Don’t play them up. The reader will focus on the obvious nasty behavior while slowly gaining sympathy due to the subtle goodness.

Second, Liz over in Purgatory linked to a site that sucked me in. I found this great quote about torturing your protagonist.

The writer is both a sadist and a masochist. We create people we love, and then we torture them. The more we love them, and the more cleverly we torture them along the lines of their greatest vulnerability and fear, the better the story. Sometimes we try to protect them from getting booboos that are too big. Don’t. This is your protagonist, not your kid.

–Janet Fitch

And for my third book, I am on it.

4 thoughts on “Anti-heroes, Torture

  1. hahaha! oh wow that quote describes my relationship with my character Bria EXACTLY! So funny. I swear I’ve done stuff that should never happen to a person to her and it’s so sad, I don’t think I’ve once felt remorse for it.

    Great post! I’ll definitely check those out.

    • You’re so lucky you feel no remorse. I hurt forever over what I do to my characters. So which one of us is the weird one? The one in pain over hurting make believe characters? Or the one not in pain?

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