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Book Three is Here!

THE OAK AND THE MOON is now available on Amazon. Details here.

Trey’s Coyotes Need Your Help

Go to Project Coyote to learn more or donate now. (These links are safe, but other parts of their website might contain graphic images.)

Flash Fiction

Quick stories I’ve written on the fly. Unpolished. Unedited. Read at your own risk here.


Have you already read THE ALIGNMENT? You might be interested in a couple extras I’ve linked to on the Fiction page.

Kay is on Goodreads

…if you’re interested in what I’m currently reading. There are also some good reviews of THE ALIGNMENT over there.


The Alignment Series

A cataclysmic love story with a touch of magic.

The Alignment-Ebook2

Books 4 and 5 coming in the near future.

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