This is My Nightstand

I just added another paperback to the stack on my nightstand and stepped back and thought, wow. This needs to be frozen in time. I got my camera and snapped a pic without touching a thing.

Notice the two separate stacks of manuscripts pages. Three, actually, considering some are folded in half. Two laptops–the oldest one I use for most of my writing (Dell Latitude D430 FTW!). And an iPad, which I rarely use. Yet, the books far outnumber the electronics. I think I’m behind in my reading.

Now, take a pic of your nightstand and post it!

8 thoughts on “This is My Nightstand

      • I’m in seriously bad shape. I think I have about 12 or 15 in my Kindle but I still buy these used books on Amazon and I get in trouble for all of the “clutter” and all of my book shelves are already two deep. My problem is that I’m perfectly willing to read some books a little at a time like philosophy, poetry, metaphysics, spirituality, biography, etc., etc. so I might have about 35 going right now.

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