What Do You Daydream About at Work?

What do you daydream about at work?

First, answer the question in the comments. When you’re done, read what prompted this (below). Sometimes my random time-wasting WordPress comment clicking really pays off and I find a really great post.

There’s a quotation that says character is how you behave when people aren’t watching you. I’d like to add a corollary to that that says passion is what you think about when you are at work.

For most people, it’s not work, regardless of how passionate they declare themselves to be.


Now email all the people in your life and ask them. Don’t tell them the reason for your question. Just ask. What do you daydream about at work?

6 thoughts on “What Do You Daydream About at Work?

  1. Well it could be work, if the kind of work we crave was available. I’ve had jobs I was passionate about but they no longer exist. So to be honest, it’s hard to daydream at all unless it’s about something awful. Sad, huh.

    • True, because one of the main things I daydream about is writing fiction, so that technically could be work, and is for some.
      Sad, yes. But if you’re daydreaming about something awful then I think it’s more of a daynightmare.

  2. I DON’T daydream about work when I am at work. I am there because I have to be. I have hardly the time to daydream about anything, but my imagination takes me to a place where I have time to write everyday, where my hands have time to heal because I am not using them as much, and where I can support those who give me support, too. Spending time with family more than I am able to do now is also high on my list. Ahhhh, time.

    • I don’t have time to daydream at work either, yet I do, and I can’t turn it off. HELP ME.
      Time. It will be the death of us all. Let’s start a revolution to do away with all clocks!

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